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The everyday deal online store, that grew from fitness platform Kfit, Fave provides dozens of stunning offers. With acquisition of Groupon, Fave Malaysia and Fave Indonesia are running the business from last year, adding Fave by Groupon Singapore in its team. Customers are still able to find super saver vouchers and promotions on travelling, food, sport and more. Enjoy vouchers from Fave Singapore to save on tasty cheesecakes or salads, explore Asia for less or buy some gym courses. There is special Fave promo code designed for specific category to assure you can save even more! Don’t forget to visit ILoveBargain Fave page to always get freshest coupon codes and deals.



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Enjoy 30% cashback on first order

Apply the given coupon code at checkout to enjoy.

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Coupons for Fave SingaporeExpires in :expire_time:

Save S$4.20 OFF Food and Drinks

To enjoy an offer just make order online

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Obtain 40% cashback on GSS Deals

Apply the provided coupon code to enjoy the money back on massage and beauty deals

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Take 15% off your first booking

Sign up and apply Fave promo code at checkout to enjoy

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Take 20% off Beauty & Wellness

Apply voucher code at checkout. You need to spend minimum $80 to get the offer.

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How to redeem a Fave Singapore Promo Code?

1. Download Fave app for iOS or Android.

2. As soon as you are ready to use the voucher open it.

3. Swipe the button at the voucher promo code field.

4. Show the code at the outlet.

5. Enjoy your savings.

fave singapore promo code

Fave Singapore (ex Groupon Singapore) - is a great platform for people who love savings! This company posts the best deals that you can possibly find followed by amazing discounts. A great and simple to use site allows you to find lots of offers that are divided into different categories. Let’s discover all of them!

fave promo code
The Range of Services

Here you can find deals that will suit every single type of person, depending on your favorite activities. The list of possible services is as follows:

  • Eat - this is a category that is loved by foodies and munchies! From great restaurant for special occasions to buffets and food deliveries!
  • Beauty - here you can find lots of beauty procedures that are needed for keeping yourself healthy and good-looking!
  • Massage - all possible types of massage and SPAs, that will help you to relax and feel much better!
  • Activities - workshops, DIY classes, learning boot camps, attractions, art jams, and much more!
  • Fitness - this category has lots of offers for gym beasts and fitness lovers, dances, yoga classes, martial arts, and so on!
  • Services - here you can book everything that is making your life easier, from house cleaning and retail to auto services!

As you see, there is a very wide selection of services that you might need, but one that we mentioned are some main categories, we left several more for you to discover on your own!

groupon singapore

Why Do You Need Fave Promo Code?

Despite the fact that most of the deals already provide a big discount, Fave Singapore loves to make your experiences even better with providing promo codes. With them, you might enjoy some extra discount on certain deals and services, and this is what makes promotional codes great! If you don’t know how to obtain a Fave Promo Code, here’s a short manual for you :

  1. ILoveBargain Team gets exclusive promo codes and deals from Fave Singapore, so if you want to enjoy some more benefits, consider checking the page devoted to Fave often!
  2. Newsletter - subscribe to the newsletter in order to stay informed about all the seasonal deals and promotions, and, of course, receive email promo codes to improve your experience!
  3. Download the app - there are a lot of app promotions going too, you can always check something via your phone and book a certain service or activity without spending time near PC!

So, if you want to get some more tasty deals and discounts, don’t forget to follow all of the mentioned steps, and you’ll double the value!

fave singapore

How To Apply A Fave Promo Code?

So you found a promo code, but have no idea on how to apply it? It’s much easier than it might seem! Just click the promo code that you have found, copy it, and use a short manual that is written at the beginning of an article, and voila! Now you are a professional at applying promo code for Fave Singapore! Enjoy great deals and services with some additional value with ILoveBargain!

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