Best 6 Chinese New Year Decorations

There is a huge holiday coming in Singapore - welcome Chinese New Year! It is can be called most waited and important festive celebration, it is celebrated when two calendars turn - the first one is lunar-solar, and second is Gregorian. This festival may begin at any time from January until the middle of February. What's a proper festive celebration without proper decorations?

How To Make Chinese New Year Decorations?

There are some classic, traditional decorations that you may see every single year. Almost all of them involve red colors and images wishing luck. ILoveBargain team wants to offer you a choice of some iconic, proper decorations, so we prepared a list of most popular decorations for you, who knows, maybe some of them will help you to prepare for the incoming festivities!

Bright Red Lanterns

It is one of the most popular items of decor. You can often see them hanging around the town, decorating street lights, making shop entrances more festive, they are even decorating the temples in order to make spread the holiday cheer and mood. The most iconic lantern color is red, gold, sometimes even symbols of luck & health are written on them in order to wish this to each person that sees these lanterns!

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Banners Wishing Good Luck, Health, Prosperity, Wealth

The most favorable colors are red & gold, of course. These banners are a traditional way to greet, warm, welcome everyone with New Year, a proper way to wish good luck, prosperity, a fortune for everyone who sees it. Why do these golden red colors appear almost in every decor item? They are considered to represent prosperity, vitality, wealth & luck.

Chinese New Year Banner


That is a modern and pretty simple way to decorate, especially for younger ones. Since clipart has a quite wide understanding, limit depends on your fantasy. Kids love drawing, so you might be sure that your house will be decorated with childish arts representing New Year, festivities, family portraits and more. Even if you are an older one, you can make some clipart using computer graphics software, then simply print those you like more after!

Chinese New Year Clipart

Blooms, Fruit, Flowers

This is a quite significant piece of New Year decorations. It is believed that everything that will bloom during New Years Eve celebration brings luck and prosperity to everyone who sees it since everything that blooms represents coming back to life after cold winter days. Do not forget about the Christmas Tree, since itis the main symbol of New Year, it might be decorated with different items:

  1. Toys
  2. Sweets
  3. Ribbons
  4. Chinese Knots
  5. Coins etc

This is the right way to combine both traditional & modern decorations, be sure everything will look stunning!

Chinese New Year Plants

Paper Cuttings

Another popular decoration, that might be seen even on the windows of serious business companies, since it's the most innocuous way to decorate, for example, your working office. Shapes and wishes may differ, it depends on the thing you want to wish to everyone. Colors may also vary, but the most preferred one is red, iconic and symbolic New Year color. That is also the best way to involve your younger relatives to join these festive preparations, they would love to help everyone to prepare for the celebration!

Chinese New Year Cuttings


What would be celebrations like without these noisy things? Firecrackers are hanged almost everywhere, along streets, parks, hanging on the walls and street lights, everywhere where a man can possibly reach! They bring cheer when blowing with rains of colorful ribbons and confetti. Even after all the crackers have been used, they still bring mood and decorate the street until all celebrations are finished.

Chinese New Year Firecrackers

ILoveBargain team hopes that you will find this article interesting and helpful. Maybe ideas offered by us will help you to decorate the house, we wish you exciting, warm New Year Celebrations, luck, wealth, love, prosperity, almost everything that could be wished!

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