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Changi Recommends is both an online and offline service which is run from 2012. From the service's name it is clear that it has a tight connection with Singapore Changi Airport - the place from which and to which thousands of people depart and arrive. The main mission of Changi Recommends is to provide a lifetime experience to customers and offer the freshest and most gainful services via selling items from travel insurances to oversea SIM cards. Plus you can book tickets or buy souvenirs. Enjoy Changi Recommends WiFi promo codes for extra savings on router rental. As you can see Changi Recommends is a great helper for everyone from tourist to people business travellers.


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Customer Reviews for Changi Recommends


Celine, we're sorry to hear this, but there are no problems with the link, it redirects straight to the page, maybe something is wrong with the connection or something else.


This link doesnt seem to work: Enjoy $60 off Japan Attractions + $60 e-Cash voucher Any reason why?


Lilian, we are glad to help you during your travelling!


Very useful as once we reach Japan. We can use wifi immediately

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