Earn AirAsia BIG Points

Saving will never become out of date. No matter in which sphere of your life or purpose, ILoveBargain has prepared a lot of amazing deals and promotions. Today we’d like to talk about AirAsia Big Point loyalty programme. We have mentioned it in our previous article but for now, we want to make more precise look at what benefits it can offer.

earn airasia big point

Basically, this customer loyalty programme does what any other programme. What will really amaze you is the volume of partners AirAsia has. If you are a worldly-wise online-shopper, you will definitely find one of your favourite stores or services in the list. In general, you need to make a purchase to gain a big point (actually, a lot of points) you can then use to book a ticket at a lesser price or exchange for some extras. But let’s see what perks you can get.

AirAsia has partnered with Agoda to enable AirAsia members to get points for any booking they make using PointMax option at Agoda (we’ve written about it in this article). You can earn up to 2,000 BIG Points with ticket purchases exceeding $250. What you need to do is find the accommodation you like, enter your Air Asia BIG ID number while booking and receive your points during 8 (or lesser) weeks. You will earn 4 BIG points with every $1 spent. Booking from Kaligo will also surprise you with earning points - you will receive 10 for every RM1 spent. Just remember to key in your BIG Point member ID to get the points.

airasia big point

And the choice of booking platforms doesn’t stop here. If you prefer to book via Roomorama do it and get bonuses as well (spend $1 and get 5 AirAsia points). The procedure is simple - find what you like, book and don’t forget to type in your member ID at checkout to receive points you can then use while booking Air Asia flights. Klook is a wonderful place for booking tours or buying activities tickets. Do this and earn up to 200 BIG Points. Just type your member ID to get them. World-famous TripAdvisor makes possible to earn up to 1,500 points per month when you enter your name and AirAsia ID.

If you want to book a hotel room directly from the hotel’s web-site - visit Hard Rock Hotels. For your stay at selected Concorde Hotel’s rooms, you can get up to 1,000 points. Also, get points when you rent a car via Rentalcars.com. Here you can get 6 bonus points for each dollar spent. Start booking and enter you BIG Points ID to receive the points.

big points redemption

StarHub clients can exchange StarHub Rewards Points into BIG Points and then use them to save on AirAsia flights. If you like shopping for clothing online - do it on comGateway and receive 5 bonus points when you spend a dollar on international delivery. Just write your member ID at the order page to enjoy points earned.

Well, we believe we show you the broad opportunities AirAsia bonus programme offers to its clients. One thing to say - the more you shop the more points you get.

Earn BIG Points while Booking or Shopping