How To Find Best Laptop Brand For Your Needs

Laptops are very popular now, they are suitable for different types of tasks. It’s an easy and convenient way to work at home, or at the cafe, or watch a movie while sitting in the park. People love them for being small and easy to take with you. Though there are a lot of different aspects that you should rely on if you decided to join the laptop owners army! This article is made for people to help to choose the best laptop 2018 for all types of possible experiences. So let’s point out top 5 things that are needed for you to find the best laptop brand for your needs!

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1. Decide The Type Of The Laptop That You Would Like To Obtain

There are several types of laptops available. Laptop 2018 trends are very different. For example, you may get a small netbook that is small and pretty comfortable to work with, but it’s a suitable variant if your work doesn’t require to run a lot of programmes simultaneously, then you might consider a basic laptop. It’s a bit more powerful, has a stronger battery, but you will need to get used to carrying it with you, laptops don’t fit in small backpacks, so you will probably need to get a bigger backpack or a special laptop bag. And the third variant, that might be considered the most suitable, is a 2-in-1 one, some of them have detachable keyboards that make it easier to switch between different types of work, for example writing an article and painting and illustration to it. Another type of 2-in-1 laptops are the ones that have a possibility of bending them 360 degrees to switch between different working modes. So, as you see, there is a lot of suitable variants, everything only depends on your requirements!

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2. Don’t Forget To Check Touchpad and Keyboard

This one may seem not a very important thing, but trust us, lots of people who work with writing texts, articles, and do a lot of typing, are very picky on the ergonomics of the laptop they are working on. The specs may be crazy, and the price may be quite good for you, but it may have a very uncomfortable keyboard for you, and that will ruin the whole purchase for you. That is why it’s very important to check it, it’s easy to do if you decided to obtain the laptop from a physical shop. But if you are planning on buying a laptop from an online shop, then there’s another way to check everything, you can take a look through customer’s laptop reviews, this is the place where lots of different people describe all the pros and cons of every single device they buy, and it’s a quite a reliable source to depend on!

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3. Decide The Needed Specs

Performance of your laptops depends straight on its specs, so that is the place where some important decisions must be made. The main thing that should be under your attention are :

  • CPU - this is the main thing of your PC, it is the brain, the more powerful the CPU is, the smoother the work with your laptop is. The most popular ones are i3, i5 and i7. I3 processor is the most affordable one, but it isn’t recommended due to being a bit old for a modern laptop, if you have a bit of spare money, everyone would suggest obtaining the i5 one, and if you need an absolute monster, get an i7 one, but remember, it will cost much more than the previous model.
  • Storage drive - that the memory of your laptop, you will need memory for everything, starting from OS, to all types of needed soft, music, picture, so, literally it’s needed for every single kind of a process on your laptop. However, if there’s a model of laptop that you’ve bought, but there isn’t enough memory for you, just consider buying an SSD (Solid State Drive), and take it with you, it will contain all the needed things, too!
  • Ports - this is quite an important thing too, laptops help you when you forget your charger at home because it has a USB port, that allows you to get your phone charged. Maybe you like to work with a bigger screen, that’s why it’d be good to have an HDMI port on your laptop, also with this kind of port you will have a possibility to connect the PC to the TV or a projector!

And if you have no time to get acquainted with all the specs but still want to buy a decent laptop Singapore, then just visit any stare and ask for a quote, so you’d know what specs are needed for your type of work, and also you’ll be certain with the price range to look at!

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4. Get a Laptop That Fits Your Budget

That is the main problem of buying a suitable laptop, the price. But, believe us, it’s not a problem at all. Yes, buying a thing at once might be a problem due to basic living requirements, but no one canceled to save up a bit to get a decent working laptop that will make your working experience much easier! But, there are some tips that might help you a bit more than by just saving money. This is the main privilege of online shopping, it’s such a thing as discounts and coupons! And this is where we recommend you to get the best suitable laptop from Lenovo Singapore! Why Lenovo, you would ask? Everything is quite simple, Lenovo’s online shop has the best laptop deals, awesome sales and lots of deals that will suit every single wallet! You could get a decent discount on your purchase, and that’s an offer that everyone would really agree to enjoy! You can be even eligible for a student discount Singapore, or an education discount. That’s why you should consider to surfing Lenovo, just take a glance at the range and see, that we chose Lenovo for being the best possible platform to get an awesome PC that will be suitable for every single type of work!

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5. Do You Mind The Brand?

And this is the place where lots of arguing comes live, a brand is a thing that truly doesn’t matter at all, it’s all about comfort for your, and specs, that will make every single process perform smooth. According to lots of Internet sources, Lenovo laptops might be considered a winner, followed by Dell, and Asus. And this happened for a number of reasons. First of all, the range is truly insane, you might get a phone, a table, a laptop, and even a monster gaming pc! And that’s the smallest part of the range. The second one, is quality, nothing proves a good product as a popularity, and Lenovo is quite popular, lots of modern cups and tournaments are being sponsored by Lenovo because people choose them to perform well! These are the main ones, but there are a lot of smaller ones, as a very wide price range, lots of warranties, and additional goodies, and, don’t forget the availability to enjoy additional benefits with Lenovo coupons, and this is where ILoveBargain team will help you. Deals are being added on a very regular basis, for helping you to choose the right products for you! So, don't forget to check our page devoted to Lenovo to enjoy the best possible offers and save huge on high-quality products!

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