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Canon is a Japanese well world-known company, famous for its high-quality products, that are staying on the top for years and years. The company started in the 1937 and started to produce optical products, later on producing a first Japan-made prototype of a 35mm camera with a focal shutter. 10 years later, the company changer the name to Canon Camera Company and started to produce lots of different products. Now the range of the Canon products is huge, here are some of the items you can obtain:

  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Copiers
  • Flash Units
  • Camcorders
  • Calculators
  • Projectors

And that is not even a half of the Canon products that you might get. The most popular still is the cameras and accessories, and there are crowd-favorites that are chosen by lots and lots of people.

What are the benefits of Canon Singapore?

Well, this company satisfies the world with its products for years and years, and here are the main benefits of them:

  1. Quality - that’s the main benefit of this companies products, you shouldn’t worry about anything when buying a product, each one comes with a certificate and official Canon Warranty.
  2. Everything you buy from Canon is compatible with all of the accessories like batteries, stabilizers, lenses, memory units, and much more.
  3. If you purchased the product, and something happened to it, you can get it fixed or done by Official Canon Service Center, if your product still has the warranty, you’ll enjoy everything made for free, isn’t it great?
  4. If it comes to obtaining the product online, you should consider surfing our site first, because our partner shops often post some tasty Canon deals, they will be described a bit later for you!
  5. And the last one, these products will not leave you unsatisfied, for sure! You will enjoy using them every single day, no matter what the purpose is, if you simply love to take photos or work as a photographer, or enjoy working with Canon products in your office, everything will work smooth and fine for years!

Top Popular Products by Canon

Canon 70d Camera - it’s a very popular model that appeared in July of 2013, and still might be called the most popular camera by Canon, with interchangeable Canon Lens. There are several variations of purchase the 70d model - just body of the camera, or in packages with several different types of lenses. Talking about price, the average Canon 70d price in Singapore for this model is around S$1,577.

canon 70d

Canon 80d Camera - this one is a bit more modern version of 70d, that was released in 2016, it’s recording and photo shooting qualities are a bit upgraded, the shutter mechanism was updated too, in order to avoid shakes and vibrations during usage process. The price for the body though remains the same, somewhere around S$1,500 to S$1600, as for packages, it’s a bit higher, of course.

canon 80d

Canon Lenses - there are several models of lenses, that are compatible and suitable for certain models of the cameras, there are EF, EF-S lines, FD, FL, Tilt-Shifted and Dedicated Macro ones, every single line is best for the certain type of photo shooting processes, so it's better to check the compatibility of lenses to your model. The suitable model is usually written in the description of camera or lens.

canon lens

The Main Benefit of Purchasing Canon Products With Us

There are several shops that offer Canon products for obtaining, and often promotional codes and sales often appear for these shops, that means that products might be bought with a great discount or some additional goodies, or might be door-delivered to you for free, and that is the main reason why you should check our site often. Here are the best shops that provide good deals for Canon products:

  • Canon - that’s the official Singapore online shop, that has a huge variety of products to choose from, and great deals appear often there, so we post them to our website in order you to enjoy discounts, some additional goodies, and more!
  • Harvey Norman - this shop often runs huge sales and clearances, and Canon products appear there more and more since they are very popular. For example, now you can save S$400 on the purchase of Canon EOS 70d body, and our team thinks that it’s a great deal, isn’t it?
  • Computeruniverse - this shop is well-known for running constant big sales, some of the Canon products there might be bought 40% cheaper than the original selling price is, and discount concern not only holders, batteries, and other accessories, but the cameras also. And what can be better than obtaining a high-quality product for a good price?
  • Rakuten Global Market - this shop is the most well-known Japanese platform, and sell a huge variety of Canon products, starting with inks, toners, batteries, and ending with brand new cameras!

The main advantage of shopping with ILoveBargain is the possibility to improve your shopping experience as much as it is possible, because all the latest and the best promotional deals, sales, clearances, are getting posted on a daily basis, so don’t miss your chance to get the best products with additional benefits, provided by us. Stay tuned, and enjoy shopping even more!

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