Why Choose Etihad First Class Air Travel

For all travelers across Singapore, we are glad to tell about Etihad Airways - a world-class premium airline that will surprise every traveler who knows what the luxury is. Of course, Singapore is a country of possibilities and has a lot of local airlines, but just take a look at Etihad and get to know why it is the best one in the world.

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Etihad offers every customer an unbeatable service while traveling. It is the only company that provides The Residence Cabin which is 125 sq. ft., and can take in one or two people. The cabin looks like a luxury apartment with its own double bed, cozy sofa, TV monitor and vanity cabinet. The next one is First Class Apartment. This cabin is luxury enough to surprise any experienced traveler. Furthermore, because of its luxurious innovations, First Class Apartment was called the best first-class cabin in the world. There is also First Class Suite. The following cabin can accommodate about 25 people, who can enjoy TV monitor, dining table, their own wardrobe, and high doors to keep everything in privacy.

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If these facts are not enough for you to choose Etihad Airways, let us add a few pleasant things to the list. Etihad cares about each and every customer. The company is happy to provide special assistance to special needs. Expectant mothers, kids flying alone, and other guests who require assistance are welcome on board. If anyone has special dietary/medical or religious requirements, Etihad is ready to help with it. There is a vast selection of meals.

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So, if you are looking for a luxurious traveling, don’t hesitate, choose Etihad Airways.

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