What and Where to Eat in Singapore: Christmas Guide

Christmas in Singapore: What and Where to Eat

Only a few weeks are left till Christmas Day. We all prepare to greet this holiday at our houses by bringing all the family together and seating with them at the table. Christmas cooking might take some time, of course, but you know how the results of your efforts will pay off. If you are not that kind of person who is ready to spend hours baking and cooking there is an option of going to the restaurant. To take into account everybody’s preferences we’ve thought of what and where to eat in Singapore.

If you feel rather creative and ready to get up earlier to make some cookies, bake potatoes and prepare some meat, here are some Christmas dinner ideas.

The main meal, more likely, will be the turkey. Pretty traditional, ha? But why not to add some Asian twist and variegate it with some spices and vegetables and fruits to make its taste more exquisite? We think this sounds pretty promising, moreover, we know some great store where you can find some top-class fresh ingredients. Visit UberEats to find the treasured turkey or any other kind of meat (and not only).

Christmas in Singapore: What and Where to Eat

Christmas feast won’t be complete without the very famous ginger house. This dish is one of the most versatile and gives freedom for your fantasy. You are free to make a traditional house, a little cookie, cute decoration to put on top of your mug, old-style cottage - well, there are plenty of variants.

The light version of the ginger house is cookies - still dozens of variants. You can surprise everybody at the Christmas party with the star, Christmas tree, angel, snowman and other kinds of cookies’ shapes. Plus they may be served with so many different toppings! Just remember: to make them (the cookies and ginger house) taste unforgettable go and check Fairprice to find various kinds of flour, nuts and other goods you might need.

If Christmas recipes are too much for you, but you still want to pamper your family with Christmas desserts why not just order a pie? Or an amazing cheesecake prepared by the professional baker? If you like this idea - check out Cat & the Fiddle. Select the cake you like the most, complete with some add-ons and be sure your family will like the sweet compliment.

If the Christmas date runs closer and closer and you still can’t make yourself prepare something great, there is no need to force yourself to do this. We’d looked and found the service that would help you look worthily. Simply go to CaterSpot, pick Christmas menu and you will get all dishes from the main one to sides and desserts.

Christmas in Singapore: What and Where to Eat

For people who prefer to enjoy the taste of the Christmas dinner out of home, there are some great variants to be discovered in Singapore. Let’s see what we’ve prepared for you.

As there are so many options to spend your Christmas Eve dinner at, that might be a little bit confusing. Anyway, with Quandoo your choice won’t be that hard. Basically, this service provides a big list of Singaporean restaurants, each offering different cuisines and meals. So, it’s only up to you what to choose.

Another variant of a perfect Christmas lunch may be booked at Pan Pacific Singapore. This grand hotel opens its atrium, marketplace and rooms to everyone who is ready to enjoy top-class festive dishes from the best chefs.

Beloved by Singaporeans, Resort World Sentosa again shares the Christmas mood with its clients and is ready to surprise with Alternative Christmas Dining. They prepared a huge choice of meals so that every member of your family could enjoy the dish.

Christmas in Singapore: What and Where to Eat

We are all different but unified in one - Christmas is a family holiday, we’d like to share with our beloved people. We’d like to share joy and happiness and pamper them with home-made meals or present deluxe dinner at a restaurant. And all of this to make them feel special and show our love. Christmas is next door, so turn on some Christmas music and get ready for the best holiday of a season!

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