5 Unbelievable Facts About Casio

1. Casio is of Japanese origin

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Fair to say that Casio is very popular all over the globe and Singapore is no exception. But what country is responsible for its invention? You might think of Europe, due to European-style brand name but no. It’s from the sun rising country. Established in Japan in 1946, the company still stands steadily on its feet. Firstly, named as Kashio Keisanki, now the holding was re-named into Casio in 1957.

2. Casio products are extremely versatile

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What comes first to your mind when you hear Casio? Watch, calculator? Well, this will definitely count in. But if we start to specify all the products, we will need many pages. Basically, the firm started from doing, guess what? Finger rings for holding cigarettes, believe it or not. Then, it has begun doing calculators, musical instruments, watches, electronics and other stuff. So, this company covers various demand.

3. Casio has a massive international market presence

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Did you know that Casio won a big market part in the U.S.? Moreover, in 1980 it claimed to be the hugest provider of consumer electronics. Besides that, due to contributing to new approaches and enlarging the line Casio makes it possible to keep its positions. Whereas stagnations and economic downfalls, the company is a successful seller across Americas as well as in Asia-Pacific.

4. Casio is worn in movies and by famous people

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Maybe, one of the most popular watches Casio has made, are G-Shock (gravitation shock). Not only we, as buyers, but also US army forces and famous people have felt in love with this timepiece. G Shock was spotted on Casey Affleck (as a character he’s played), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and many more. All-in-all, feeling like a movie star, singer or even a president becomes much easier.

5. Casio provides coupons and deals for loyal customers

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You may wonder, how you can get some of Casio products? Because, if famous people choose them they may cost a fortune. We are glad to say, that you can get up to extra 5% off if you use Casio coupon code and even more with the deals. Getting F-91W or FR100L model of watches becomes more tangible when you apply special offers.

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