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In the time of technologies, it's impossible to imagine your life without working with the Internet. No matter for home or business purposes, your gadgets need protection. AVG is a company, that produces software for Internet protection and programme cleaning. AVG offers a cloud space and a managed workplace for business. AVG solutions are compatible with Mac and iPhones. When you choose to buy the software make sure you are informed about AVG promo codes and discount deals.



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About AVG

Nowadays, almost every single aspect of our lives involves Internet, it’s our reliant and helpful companion. We have it and use it everywhere, at work, while being at home, even in places between home and work, and it’s constantly in our reach. AVG is the company that wants to provide all kinds of protection, improvement and privacy increase for every single device that uses Internet now.

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The Range of Products from AVG

There are three main categories of products that cover the certain aspect of your internet activities.

First is Security, and it features 3 products:

1) AVG Antivirus Free - self-explainable and pretty simple-to-use free anti-malware soft.

2) Internet Security - same antivirus, but with more features like enhanced firewall, anti-peeping software, and also includes a free AntiVirus for your Android Device.

3) Ultimate - the all-in-one variant, that provides security on all Mac, Windows, and Android devices, with automatic updates, that provides a possibility of controlling settings for all devices from one single application.

The second category is Performance, giving you software that is made for optimizing, and tweaking everything for maximum benefit.

  • AVG TuneUp - allows you to clean up the hard drive with ease, removes bloatware and old/unused programs, clears cache & cookies, and can be used for multiple devices without any limit.
  • Driver Update - this piece of software is made for fixing device issues, with automatic updating of outdated or broken drivers, drastically increasing the performance and reducing the chances of crashing and freezing.

And the last category is Privacy, the most important one, because each and everyone one of us wants to have a private space without getting tracked, and get rid of targeted ads and etc.

  1. Secure VPN for PC - this thing will protect your while on public WiFi, disguising your location, and allowing you to surf the net anonymously. Also provides you the access to blocked content, and encrypts everything that you do while being online.
  2. AntiTrack - with this products, you will get rid of the most annoying thing on the internet, targeted ads, that always follow you around, block all the online tracking software, and wipe any internet tracks that you might leave.
  3. Secure Browser - a browser that will provide you with a fast, secure, and the most private surfing experience. With features like automatic adblocks for faster browsing, protection against tracking scripts, and forcing websites to use the most secure, HTTPS encryption as default.

Such a wide variety of great products for all of your Windows, Mac, Mobile or even One-In-One Support!

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Why Do I Need to Use AVG Promo Code?

Well, it might sound simple, but it’s for gaining lots of freebies, discounts and benefits. What can be better than buying an antivirus for all your devices, but getting it cheaper? Or getting the latest software products with a free trial? Sometimes you can even get a whole free product with a purchase of another product! To get all of that, check this page often and stay tuned.

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