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Galleon is a company that takes online shopping to the next level. This web-site features exclusive products from overseas stores, making them available in the Philippines. In case customers can't find a required item among Galleon range of products, they can send a link to the store and let the professionals do the shopping, customs clearance, and delivery on their own. The only recourse customers have is to wait till the item is delivered to the doorstep. With this really innovative approach and top customer service Galleon can be rightfully viewed as a company that sets standards on the market. So don't put off visiting this web-site, order today and get an amazing and exciting shopping experience.


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How to use a voucher code for Galleon?

1. Choose a product you wish and press "Add to Cart".

2. On the next page, tap on "Coupon Code Discount", enter a coupon code into a pop-up window and press "Submit".

3. Once your code was successfully applied, press "Proceed to Checkout" and enjoy your savings.

galleon coupon code

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Interesting Facts about Galleon

Yes, there’s every coupon code you might ever need for Galleon somewhere on this page, but it’s good you know a little bit about this trading platform’s history. The word “Galleon” itself is usually used to qualify trading ships that come to Manila from Spain in the 1500s. These sea carriers usually bring their foreign products to the Philipines, in which they receive in return, commodities from the best sellers in Manilla. So, you say Galleon’s birth was derivative of the archaic but yet innovative trading idea.

Galleon Selection of Categories

Galleon is an online shop or commercial platform with thousands and thousands of products as well as an extensive range of product categories, some of which includes:

  • Quality Household, Home, and Kitchen products.
  • Baby products including for care and feeding; toys and baby games
  • Astonishing fashion items; clothing, jewelry, and footwear.
  • Entertainment: video games, movies, and TV
  • Groceries and food.

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Galleon shopping categories are vast in number, impossible to mention in a single bout. This e-shop has forever changed the way we shop online in the Philippines by providing us with everything we need in one single place. Galleon specializes in international products and brands that you won’t find in regular outlets and even most local online stores.

The interface is user-friendly and design for easy exploration and a hassle-free payment, ordering, and delivery process. You pay in our local currency and taxes are included in the prices you see, so, no surprise or hidden charges. Any problem you have will be resolved in minutes by the ever-friendly Galleon customer support team.

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Why Do You Need to Use Galleon Coupon Code?

A one-stop online platform like Galleon is bound to have constant sale events and a coupon every now and then. Coupons tend to have a prolonged expiration date compared to promotions, sometimes giving buyers the opportunity to save on the item of choice. Other times, each voucher has eligibility criteria like being a cardholder of a particular bank or saving a particular percentage during the period of a festivity or special season.

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