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Furniture Manila is located in Metro Manila area. Here you can find all types of furniture for your home and office, as well as appliances and lighting. The management realizes that large shopping spaces would result in a price increase. For this reason, the store operates online, therefore providing customers with reasonable prices that are the lowest on the market. In proof of this statement, if you find the same item at a cheaper price on another website, the company guarantees to lower the price for this item. The company has skilled and professional employees that would be happy to assist you regarding design, style and refinement of your home. Go to Furniture Manila, explore the huge assortment goods and get excellent service in combination with the lowest prices.


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Customer Reviews for Furniture Manila


Bought a faulty chair in a dining set that cost php77250 and they refused to replace. How can an item not fall under manufacturing warranty after only 11 days of use. The damage was not from "wear and tear". Unacceptable. Will not be referring any friends or family to this business. Would give them 0 starts if I could, avoid at all costs


There are a lot of reasons why you should think twice before purchasing in this store based on my experience. 1. Website is not updated. It may look like they have a lot to offer but in reality most of the items are not available. 2. Cancellation is not allowed. Your money will be converted to store credit that you have to use within 12 months. Meaning, even if you don't like their service, you don't have a choice but to spend your hard earned money in their store. There's no way you can get your money back. 3. Unreliable and unaccomodating staffs. They will never give you an update about your order. I called them many many times for follow ups and most of the time they would tell me they will give me a callback but they NEVER did. If they try to tell you this, don't believe them. It's their excuse if they can't give you any update about your order. 4. Late delivery. It is not true that you will have your pre-order 5-15 days. 5. Defective and missing parts. I ordered 8 seater dining set and 2 of the chairs have factory defect. The glass of the kitchen cabinet was broken and the mirror of the wardrobe was missing. 6. Service Request in their website is useless. I called the store to report the damaged and missing parts but they told me to send a service request in their website. I never received any acknowledgement, nor any response. The only time they process my request was when their staff came to our house to change the broken glass of the kitchen cabinet. Had no one came to our house, they would never notice my request even if I try to reach them out through email, text, phone call and their website. 7. The staff will never let you talk to their manager if you have complaints. They will either say the manager is busy or not in the office. They adviced me to send an email because it's their manager responding to all emails. The only time they responded was when I asked to cancel my dining set order and they said it's not allowed. Change of mind is not an acceptable reason and it's understandable but for other concerns I had, they NEVER responded. 8. It took over a month for them to replace the defective item. I'm actually still waiting for it as of the moment. There are tons of reasons why you should reconsider buying in this store. My experience may be different from others but I could say that mine is worse. My transaction with Furniture Manila was not as good as their website portrays and I will never make another purchase in this store to save myself from headache.

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