Hari Deepavali, Malaysia: Extensive Gift Guide

Deepavali is a huge holiday in lots of countries with significant Hindu populations, including Malaysia. This holiday also coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil or light over darkness. Its date varies from year to year because it’s usually determined by the Hindu lunar calendar. When is Deepavali 2020? This year it will be celebrated on the 1st of November. Since it’s the most celebrated holiday for Hindu’s all over the world, it is an official public holiday in many countries. During celebration people usually decorate their houses with clay lamps that will be shining during all the festival, because it’s the second name is the Festival of Lights. Usual Deepavali Celebration in Malaysia includes lots of fireworks, colourful ribbons, tons of firecrackers, gifts both for grown-ups and children, and, of course, lots of traditional, tasty foods. Hindu’s usually invite other people to their houses, even people from other religions, to simply share the most festive day of the calendar and show them how celebrations are made.

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Deepavali Activities

Most popular Deepavali activities are decorating houses with lots of colourful candles, lights and decorate their floors with coloured rice or powder. There is a tradition to celebrate the holiday wearing new clothes and clean house. A family meeting is held as a tradition, family dinners with lots of traditional festive treats. Isn’t it great to gather all the family members by the holiday table and enjoy this important day with the most important people in your life? Since it’s the family holiday, celebrating it at home with relatives is the most traditional way of celebration. Sometimes you may be completely out of time to do the groceries or even cook, but don’t be nervous, there is such a service as Honestbee, they can delivery both groceries or freshly cooked food as fast as possible. This will make your family celebration a little bit easier. As for other celebrating traditions, most religious people celebrate this holiday by going to temples and perform puja (prayers) – acts of worshipping, mainly to honour Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity, in order to be healthy and prosperous. Due to Cuti Deepavali (Holiday Days Off), you can enjoy different excursions to famous temples and honour ancestors by yourself, or visit ancient caves that have Hindu temples in them, simply book using KKDay or Klook, these services provide the most best-experience excursions, walks and activities.

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Other Ways to Surprise Your Kinfolks

Since we live in modern society, there are a lot of different gifts that may be presented. For example, they might be a Deepavali Greeting Cards, it’s a universal present, cause sometimes you may worry about appropriateness on your gift, and Gift Card will prevent you from worries, mainly because the person may choose what to get on their own. Another great present is a photo book or photo album, it’s really great to present them since they will contain cute and memorable moments, photos of family gatherings, holiday celebrations, birthdays and much more. And this will surely be a gift that will often be looked through. If this is your choice we highly advise you to visit Photobook Malaysia, Printcious, there are the best services that will do their best to satisfy you, and as a result, satisfy your relatives. Also, you can decorate your house with Happy Deepavali Images, all you need to do is to visit Shutterstock, find the ones you find most attractive and simply download them.

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Some More Deepavali Present Ideas

If you are a person that finds photo books, albums and other things too trivial, there are lots of other options for you. For example, you can present a Huge Festive Bundle full of fruit, delicacies and so more, goods that can’t be really presented on a usual occasion. This will surely look beautiful and luxurious, if you consider this be a suitable present, then try visiting Giftr, they are the best service that will make someone’s day merrier buy a beauteous gift that comes straight from your heart. Maybe you are a person that supposes that gifts must be practical, then you may and choose something more suitable for daily use, like furniture or tech, consider visiting Lazada, it’s a well-known multi-purpose platform that will help you to choose the best present for your relatives or friends.

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We sincerely hope that our article will help you to understand how the Deepavali celebration in Malaysia made and how to make it a little bit brighter for those who are very important to you. IloveBargain Malaysia wishes you to stay happy and positive, stay in touch with your relatives and friends, and simply be happy. Hari Deepavali.

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