All you wanted to know about coupon codes, but were afraid to ask

Today there are plenty of ads and promotions on the Internet. Plenty of various companies, advertising their products and services. And plenty of ways how to save your money, due to the high competition level. One of the most popular solutions is discount vouchers, often called coupon codes or promotional codes. They all are pretty much the same.

So what is a coupon code?

Coupon code is a word or combination of letters (for example “RAYASALE” or “LZDJULY17”), which can be used to reduce the prices, simply put – discounts, commonly used in e-commerce. Coupons are created by the original shops but can be provided by anyone.

Interesting to know, that coupon history started a long time before the first computer even appeared specifically in 1888 when one Atlanta businessman Asa Candler handwrote tickets, that allowed consumers to get one glass of Coca-Cola for free. This is how this invaluable marketing device appeared for the first time and brought Coca-Cola on top of the world’s famous drinks.

how to use a coupon code

How does online coupon work, what’s the difference and what’s the point of them at all?

Online coupon codes are still discount codes, the only difference is only in the form: online coupons are digital, not printed. Therefore such evolution allows you to get discounts while online shopping. You can get free coupons almost everywhere – in a subscription to newsletter, ads, banners and pop-ups.

Promo codes are an important marketing tool, which has several main purposes:

  • helping to attract customers;
  • helping to promote a brand and make it recognisable among the end-users, without vast investments.
  • promoting a new product or increasing sales on the not-so-popular product.

how do I use online coupons

What is a coupon site?

Voucher codes could be placed on original or third-party websites, even those which are not connected with the promoted store. Although, in our opinion, the easiest way to find the best matching for you code is to search via free coupon websites.

Coupon site is an online platform that collects stores, sorts them mainly by goods types like fashion, electronics, health & beauty, etc., and browses the web, looking for promo codes. Usually, voucher and deal sites don't take any extra payment from customers, all coupons are absolutely free to use.

So how does a coupon site work?

Basically, coupon sites are connected as affiliates to merchants and use Cost per Sale (CPS) system. When you open a coupon code, your browser “remembers” it, so after you make a purchase, browser notifies both merchant and affiliate. Later the affiliate compensates a percentage of the total value of the transaction.

Some of the sites use ex-Groupon code model. They offer coupons on a wide selection of goods, and you can literally buy a discount. The total amount of your purchase including money spent on purchasing the coupon would be still lower than the retailer's original price.

what is a deal site

How to use a coupon code?

To use a coupon code you should:

  1. Find out, what kind of site it is;
  2. Booking sites have promo code field at checkout or main page;
  3. Shops & services - in cart or checkout page;
  4. Copy coupon code from coupon site;
  5. Make sure promo code is valid for good/service you have chosen;
  6. Apply coupon code.

Surely, it is only general tips, every site has its differences and sometimes travel sites has coupon code field on the checkout page or don't use promo codes at all, and so do product and services merchants. Rarely, the discount codes are automatically applied in your cart, when you use an affiliate link.

So look for the exact steps on how to apply a coupon code on our store pages and enjoy discounts!

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