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iHerb is an online website with over 1200 brands of healthy products and nutritional supplements. Created in 1996 to provide customers with high quality natural products at unbeatable prices. Among the categories of products offered by this site are bath & beauty, supplements, diet & weight loss, sports, creams & lotions, petcare and so much more. The company knows the value of time, therefore ordering is made simple, fast and hassle free. Enjoy the most superior customer service, available 24/7 to answer questions & settle any ordering issues. Health is wealth, therefore shop the best health products and vitamins needed to boost your energy.



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About iHerb

iHerb is an online platform that provides people with high quality healthy products and nutritional supplements. If you ever needed them, then you probably bought them here. iHerb started long time ago, in 1996 and since that time they are a leading shop that will surely provide you with best possible herbal and natural products as fast as possible, and in case you need help, they provide 24/7 customer support service that will try to explain all the moment you worry about.

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iHerb Products

There you can find more than 30,000 brandy products from world famous companies. There is no need to worry about the quality, mainly because iHerb works only with trusted companies that are responsible for their quality throughout years. Products from those companies come to Warehouses that are clean and have controlled climate. The level of humidity, cold and heat is balanced so all the products will remain fresh, clean and ready to travel to customers' houses. There is no such a term as "Old Product" for iHerb, all of the products are 100% natural and herbal, and they keep this in mind, so the biggest term of their products staying on a warehouse shelf is around 45 days, never more! As for availability on the site, all the mentioned categories are always fullfilled with products, sometimes there might be a lack of products, but that's not their fault, it's mainly cause by delays in the delivery to them. Here you can find products depending on your problem, for example Acne or Headache, or even Mood problems, they have it all! And to say more, iHerb is helping the world to get cleaner, since they use only recycled wraps and packaging almost for all the orders, and iHerbs workers recycle most of the packaging material they receiver from manufacturers by themselves!

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iHerb Promotion

The best thing about iHerb is it's strong promotional game. For example weekly brand sales, they last from Wednesday to Wednesday, and include huge amoun of great brandy products, but the prices are reduced so the customer could get 2 products instead of just 1. Isn't it great? It's the best way to improve customers' shopping experience by simply running promotional deals, sales, iHerb coupon code, iHerb shipping code both for new and already existing customers, referal iHerb rewards and much more. This is what made iHerb famous, you can shop for natural products and save money, so you can buy more products. Also sometimes free shipping companies are taking place, and then the amount of orders grows much more. And because of such things, we find iHerb a great platform, if you want to enjoy shopping in such a way, please, consider subscribing to the site to get all the latest deals, participate in promotional sales and earn rewards!

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Shopping and Shipping

Shopping has never been so easy, the site is easy to understand, the interface is easy to use, no colorful ribbons or any other eye disctractors, so yo mainly focus ont he shopping. Obtaining health, body, skin care and other products is better with iHerb since the prices are reduced up to 40% due to having only 2 distribution center, and that allows to hold the prices on a level, that won't make such products being unaffordable for people. Every single order made may have be a discounted or ever free one. The more you shop, the more chances you have to obtain a free shipping. Sometimes even a single products may be shipped for free! And the speed of shipping amazes even more, they mainly try to ship the orders within 24 hours since the time of placing it. All you need to to is start shopping and enjoy world's best products with them!

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Customer Reviews for iHerb


Code CFC507 saved me 50$ on orders!


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Super Promotion! With promo code YUL919, for first order - save $ 20 off.


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I actually order on iHerb countless times. Shipping is not the quickest but it's very cheap. Items are sometimes out of stock, but prices are always great. Especially if you look out for promotions. If you never shopped at iHerb before you can use REZ4767 and GNEW10 to get 10$ off 40$+ purchase. Please note that this is limited time offer!

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