Mother's Day in India 2019

Mother's Day in India 2019

Spring is wonderful! It brings us blossom of trees and the warming sun in the sky. Probably it's not a coincidence that the celebration of Mother’s Day in India takes place in this waking season. It seems to be a perfect time to reflect on how wonderful life is and say thank you to the one, who made it possible for us to see and feel.

During the last decade, every second Sunday of the May, Indians celebrate Mother’s Day, creating memorable moments for their mothers. Sounds trivial, but an idea of flowers and eating out in a cozy ambiance will never get old. Pink gerberas, carnations, roses, tropical orchids - every flower has its temper. So you can easily make your bouquet personal and eloquent. The same works with the choice of the restaurant. Whatever you choose, sophisticated cuisine or king-sized pizza from Papa Johns, you do a good job, if your mom is having fun and getting rest from the kitchen.

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