Play games and earn money

Many successful people in the world have repeatedly mentioned the main component of their success: «Do what you like and you will never work in your life». It’s an approximate version of how one of the main principles of life sounds for Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Harland Sanders, and other ahead of the game people. The same principle is very well used by fans of online games. Nowadays gaming is one of the most profitable spheres. So if you like gaming and want your hobby to bring in income then here are some ideas on how to do it.

1. Streaming

The very process of this action does not require anything supernatural if you are a good gamer. Computer, internet, account on one of the stream-services, a little charisma and voila! - you are rich and almost famous. Streamers earn money from the number of channel subscribers and per cent of advertising or affiliate program. Also, grateful viewers can throw money into the piggy bank with the help of so-called donations. Use your imagination to the maximum to attract even more money. But do not forget that every stream-service has its own rules, which can limit it. Get games from Kinguin at discounted prices.

Cyber sport is great

2. Trading

Trading is the improvement and subsequent sale of your character or in-game items. This way of earning is possible for those who have some really valuable or rare items, boosters, or those who just want to stop playing, but they feel sorry for the time and effort spent. This method is slightly more complicated than the previous one, and requires constant monitoring of prices, demand and offers in the gaming market. It will not bring you a stable profit, but sometimes you can make a very profitable deal, having a rare copy of the game item in your pocket.

3. Cybersport

This way of earning can be considered by those who have already reached a professional level in gaming. Every year millions of dollars are invested in the sphere of e-sports, and some of this money falls to professional players. To become one of them is worth a lot of work, but believe us your efforts will pay off in full. It is impossible to name the exact amount of income of a professional gamer for a certain period, because the figure can vary depending on what team he plays, with whom the contract was signed, what kind of game it is, and the other. According to various statistics, top players in the world receive hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and some win such amounts only for participating in one tournament. Pleasant gifts and certificates from partners or organizers of game tournaments can be counted as a bonus of participating.

4. Coaching

If you are not a fan of the "big game" then you can start coaching newcomers. Believe it or not but many people would like to learn how to play cool. This is where your skills can come in handy. The result of the ward can be measured by the following indicators: progress in the ladder, the transition from a low league to a higher one. This way to earn is also suitable for those who have a professional career or merit in e-sports.

Stream the game

5. Games blogging

Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to earn money is games blogging. This method can include the following: writing reviews & articles about the game. It would seem that many people leave comments about games, but no one pays them. This is true, however, in the world of games, it is beneficial for companies to receive reviews of a different nature. If you play well and you have an army of followers gaming companies can ask you to write a good review about their products or a bad one about the products of competitors ;)

If none of the above ways to make money on gaming hasn't fit you, here are a few more:

  • podcasts and training videos making,
  • coaching in the passage of levels or certain stages in the game,
  • boosting - pumping a character to a certain level or his improvement,
  • testing games, and more.

By the way, in order to learn how to play well and earn on this in the future, you will likely need a lot of time and resources. Video game marketplace G2A can help you with key codes or in-game items shopping. Check our G2A page for coupons or juicy discount code to save some money. G2A discount code 10 off will give you some cash back so you do not stay with empty pockets.

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