The coolest trends in men's fashion this Summer

All the fashion rules are usually based on the statement that clothes need to be basic & simple but accessories make the whole look. That’s why some people think that it’s kinda hard to be stylish when it’s fine to get plain clothing meanwhile the right accessories are still needed to be found. But what a time to be alive! Nowadays fashion is an absolutely adorable thing that can be followed by many people despite their status, origin, position, and knowledge about the combination of clothes and colours. The whole sphere is based now on the comfort, a maximum level of naturalness, calm shades and practicality. Check the main 6 reasons why you’ll love summer fashion trends 2020.

1. Bottoms

The prayers of men are finally heard and now wearing shorts is a trend. It doesn’t mean that any pair of shorts will do but still, it’s already something! Everything that you need to do is to pick shorts that match your whole outfit and footwear. But be careful to wear shorts at some events. Sometimes the rules of etiquette provide own dress code and you’d better get know it in advance. Chinos and pants with stripes are also on the fashion trending list so choose any to show you are in the game.

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2. Top wear

Don’t even doubt the fact that there is something to choose from the trending top wears. Wearing any of it will show people around you’re a true fashionista.

  1. Shirts with vertical stripes.
  2. Shirts with Hawaiian or tropical print - don’t even need to be presented. Tropical printed shirts are an integral part of pop culture. This piece of clothing is one of the favourite styles of Johnny Depp, John Candy, Tom Selleck, Jim Carrey, and more celebs in the greatest movies.
  3. T-shirts with statements and slogans - wearing this kind of shirt it’s easy to show your position or opinion without even saying anything. Say yes to your favourite quotes from movies and song lyrics printed on your t-shirt.
  4. Checkered shirts - 2007, 2012, and 2018 again. This type of shirts is forever trending. Don’t even think to put your shirt on the far shelf. Wear it, mix it, & be stylish in it!

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3. 80-s is back

This is the most practical thing about modern fashion. Did you hear that fashion is cyclic? It means that there’s no need to throw back your old stuff or let it uselessly hanging in a closet. Find something that looks decent and wear it on yourself. This is probably the only possible situation when advice from your grandparents can be in handy. Check their wardrobe too. Who knows maybe your grandma and grandpa were stylish icons back in 80-s ;)

4. Footwear

Sneakers everywhere! If you buy more than 5 pairs of sneakers with a different design you will never lose. Wear sneakers with suit & tie, casual shorts & t-shirt look, formal shirts, or any other outfit. This year trend allows you to have lightweight runners, high-end & throwback, and white canvas types of sneakers. For more formal clothing kit you can choose a pair of loafers or boat shoes which will not be the less comfortable decision.

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5. Accessories

Thanks to fashion gods it is not necessary to have a thousand accessories for men like women do. So on the list of this year trending accessories, you can find these several items:

  • round frame sunglasses;
  • leather backpack;
  • wrist watches;
  • colourful woven leather wrap bracelet.

Any of the tech accessories will only complement the whole image so it’s ok to use them too.

6. Everything organic

Today as many people choose healthy lifestyle it covers all of the life spheres and clothing is one of them. Synthetic materials cause huge damage to the environment and humans who wear them. Moreover, synthetic materials are one of the main reasons why people have some skin diseases. Ecological clothing & accessories is a new growing day-by-day trend. What else you need to be happy? By the way, India is one of the four countries which produce almost 80% of the global organic cotton fibre crop. Check some organic cotton styles at Cottonworld and receive up to 70% discount on any of them.

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Summing up it needs to say that lightweight comfortable clothing made from natural materials with a minimum of accessories is a paradise for men. That's why fashion in 2020 will suit anyone.