Top 5 Places To Shop Mooncake Online In 2020

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching fast, so why not learn more about mooncake promotion 2020? There are quite many places around Hong Kong that are selling this bakery. If you feel like Hong Kong mooncake festival shopping madness swallows you up, there is a great solution from us - consider buying mooncakes online.

mooncake promotion 2018


This famous online mall has a separate category devoted to the Mid Autumn celebration. Not only you can find plenty of speciality sweet boxes but also enjoy special promotion like extra rebates on select items and a free gift as you buy 3pcs of mooncakes, sound good, ain’t it?

mooncake 2018 hong kong


Moving next, this online shopping giant sells mooncakes as well. The gift boxes can be found at Pies and Pastries department. There is a choice of 5 different packagings. Make sure you buy 3 pay HK$120 on mooncakes (that actually saves you HK$60).

hong kong mooncake festival 2018


Yes, you can order mooncake from the cafe or restaurant alongside other dishes. You can order this pastry from Reign Abalone. As you create your order do not forget you can enjoy free delivery for it.

mid autumn festival 2018


Here, you will be greeted with a special Mid Autumn Festival category. You have a big option of choosing from differently flavoured mooncakes from bakeries and chef and buying shopping vouchers. All-in-all, you can get up to 50% discount on mooncake boxes.

mid-autumn festival 2018

Millennium Hotel

Well, it’s not an online store, but you still get a chance to enjoy your Mid Autumn treasure. There will be a mooncake gift box sets you can redeem for the points you have earned. This is a Millennium members’ deal, so you need to be in the club to enjoy it.

We are wishing you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and we hope this list of stores (and a hotel) is really helpful.

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