iPhone 8 vs Nokia 8 Which One to Choose?

Are you torn between the Nokia 8 and the iPhone 8? Would you like to know which is better for your lifestyle, needs, or requirement? Good thing is that these two blockbuster smartphones, not-so-latest releases of the two iconic brand, don’t have a lot in common except the number ‘8’ in their names. So, time for a duo-battle-royale between these two giants!

Marketing History

Nokia has been quiet since the smartphone boom. In the early 2000s, Nokia was leading the way as it has always does before then. With the acquisition of the Symbian OS, it also meant that Nokia would dominate the multi-purpose phone battle until the arrival of the Android OS. Once that happened, the iconic brand was out for a little while but has made the father of all comebacks to once again put itself in the limelight, with the Nokia 8.

Nokia counterpart in the battle of wits, Apple, has also dominated the market with its iOS operating system in recent times. With the arrival of the “Android fever”, Apple lost out to many competitors like Samsung and the likes due to the colourful designs and the possible multi-dimensional uses that came with all android smartphone. Apple knew something had to change for the iPhone to keep leading in the smartphone market, hence the release of the then iOS 7 update, released in the Fall of 2013. With most users being Eligible to update, the iPhone got back into the game in no time. Now with ios 11 on the iPhone 8, and Apple doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

iPhone 8 and Nokia 8 are the only two entries we will be discussing in this article, which should win?

Battery Life

iphone 8

Nokia 8, like its opponent in this match, has a Li-lion battery. However, in terms of battery power, the Nokia 8 is slightly lagging behind the iPhone 8 as it only has 4 hours of screen time, that involves all power demining features running simultaneously, before the battery hits a red-low 15% battery level. The fast 18W charging cable that comes with the Nokia 8 gets the power level back to 48% in half an hour. Furthermore, note that even though the Nokia 8 won’t last long on prolonged high-performance usage, it survives up to 72 hours in an endurance test.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8 gives you up to 14 hours of 3G talk-time and nothing less than 40 hours of music play. Once the power level drops to 20%, the lower power mode kicks in if set automatically and further allows you to even use the iPhone 8 a little bit longer than most phones at this level. The lightning-fast-charging gets your battery to 50% in 30 minutes. It seems that the iPhone 8 wins this round.

Camera Capabilities

iphone camera

The camera, arguably the most important feature of smartphones in this selfie-age. The iPhone 8 rolls into this matchup with a 1-megapixel back camera with an awesome autofocus that functions around phase detection, as well as a 7-megapixel front camera. The rare camera also has a body and face detection function alongside an ultra HD video recording mode.

In this category, the Nokia 8 is not far off, as it bolsters with a 13-megapixel primary camera, and a 13-megapixel secondary camera, thereby delivering high-quality ultra-high-definition video recording at a better bit rate. It also comes with a double-led and dual-tone flash, enabling it to be able to capture fantastic images even at night. The Nokia 8 has our vote for the camera fight.

Who’s got the Better Applications?

nokia applications

Nokia 8 runs on an unadulterated Android OS, and it has only two preinstalled applications which are the default camera application and customer support. However, since the Nokia 8 comes with the upgradable Android Nougat OS (7.1.1), it means you can use all old and most new apps on the Google Play Store, and we would like to suggest some that are even perfect for the Nokia 8.

  • Open Table: This app allows you to book and make reservations in any restaurant around you.
  • Luminosity: This is still the best app for mental workouts with quizzes and games to keep you entertained and sharper at the same time.
  • SMS organizer: If you are the busy type or you deal with many messages professionally, you need this message organizing app.
  • Snapseed: Since the Nokia 8 already comes with fantastic camera qualities, this is an ideal photo editing app that takes image qualities to the next level.

The iPhone 8 runs on an upgradable iOS 11, and this also means the best apps and high capacity demanding games will work on it! Here are some of the apps you need to have on your iOS 8.

  • Injustice 2: Arguably the best mobile game of 2017. The Injustice 2 game introduced a new dimension into the mobile gaming world. Even with its high processor and RAM demands, it runs perfectly on the iPhone 8.
  • Google Maps: Sure it’s a thing for both Android and iOS devices. However, the app runs better and also with a lot of details on the iPhone 8.
  • Clips: This app is designed to shoot short videos, has fantastic easy to use video editing options, and for quick sharing with friends.
  • Dark Sky: Still the number one weather app, and by a fine margin too.

Some of the above-mentioned apps are available for both Android and iOS, but you might find some details being different in both. For this category, it’s a tie as both phones run on the latest operating systems and thus can run all the old and latest apps.


Nokia 8 price varies from HKD 3000 – HKD 5500, while that of iPhone is from HKD 6000 - HKD 8200.

Which one has your vote has your vote between the iPhone 8 and the Nokia 8? One might be better for a variety of apps and the other for camera features and durability of work. Don’t miss out on sales up from different online mobile stores by subscribing to ILoveBargain Hong Kong, get a chance of receiving of up to HK$3,200 with Apple Giveback, and by checking our pages for online mobile stores from time to time.

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