5 Merry Christmas Card Ideas: Hong Kong Special

Little simple things might be the sweetest! We came up with 5 cute Christmas card ideas Hong Kong do-it-yourself fans may use. You can pick any of Christmas card designs we found, to create your unique card and surprise your family member or friend during the favourite Festive season.

1. Create Neverending Merry Christmas Card

Let’s begin with something simple. This DIY Christmas card is really easy to make and involves some simple materials. By the way, to get some of them for a discounted price, visit TMart. You can draw anything you wish on the card for the festive mood.

2. Make Watercolour Card

Creation of a watercolour painting Christmas card may require more skills. But, still, it’s very fun to make! All you need is paper, watercolours and a little bit of inspiration. With such type of a card, you can write your Merry Christmas greeting on the backside of it.

3. Craft Window Card Design

Another type of Christmas card DIY is a so-called “window card”. This one looks extra cute and provides the list of all the materials you need to use. Nice tip from ILoveBargain - you can find cool wrap paper and small decorations right on Cotton: On e-store page.

4. Set Up Christmas Tree Card

What can be more merry than a Christmas Tree? Only a Christmas card design that has this all-favourite tree. What’s super dope about such card is that you can write all Christmas card messages inside it - you’ll a lot of space, we promise!

5. Compose Quilling Christmas Card

Get ready to write your Merry Christmas greeting in this stunning card! We love this 聖誕卡 設計 for its combination of different Christmas symbols, colours and easy-to-do quilling technique.

Try using one of these Christmas card ideas to make a sweet Christmas gift to your beloved ones. Because, all-in-all, your attention and something you do by yourself, matters the most. And, for sure, don’t forget to prepare touring Christmas greetings!

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