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So many missed opportunities, wrong choices, and even lives lost, all because of lack of information. Knowledge is more than power, it is life, as sometimes, knowing is what stands between life and death. While it’s not our intention to sound grim, we would just like to express how important we think information is to our lives. We can’t all be business moguls and financially competent, and thus, some of us need the right advisors regarding our monetary management. TransUnion was established, in 1982, to be exact, to be the ultimate financial advisor and consultant to as many people as possible. Today, TransUnion provides his services to more than 4 million clients and nothing less than 44, 0000 businesses all over the world. Are you in between jobs, contemplating on getting a loan, trying to improve your credit score, or not just sure of the right investment to make, based on budget or profit? And do you need help managing your portfolio, fraud, customer acquisition or cred credit reporting? TransUnion has experts on every financial solution you currently or might need in the near future.


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