Terms & Conditions

What our project is about?

ILovebargain Hong Kong is targeted in searching different deals, BOGOs, promotions, and coupon codes to offer them to clients. Every sale, vouchers code is updated daily to provide customers with only actual bargains. Our team searches, checks and adds the deals so that you can enjoy problem-free and less pricey shopping. One thing you need to do is to pick the store you need and be sure we've prepared dozens of offers to share with you.

How to use this service?

Choose the store and start looking through the offers we have gathered for you. All the information is updated daily and accessible to clients older than 15 years old.
Due to respectively big amount of stores and deals, we can not monitor its validity 24/7. Also note, that the shops have a right to stop the promo or change dates of sales or voucher codes. That is why ILoveBargain disavows any liability for the end dates of the coupons and their work.
If you found any mistake, error, fault, or noticed that something does not work properly, please contact us using the following address – asia@ilovebargain.net. Our team will make sure the flaw is fixed as soon as possible..

Intellectual Property Rights

All Intellectual Property Rights concerning the content & data situated at our website are owned by ILoveBargain. Any inventions, trademarks, texts, metadata, trade names, know-how are also safeguarded by the copyright. If any question connected with Copyright Infringement arises, do not hesitate to contact the team of the web-site and everything will be corrected with respect to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Reach us here.

User obligations

As a website user, you agree to:
1. Not to share the information that can insult or harm other users.
2. Not to publish the third party's personal data without their permission. Promotion of affiliate marketing, referral links or/and spam is prohibited.
3. Avoid using automatic data collection tools (e.g. parsers and similar ones.

If you noticed any kind of violations, please, contact the website administration.