Terms & Conditions

What ILoveBargain UAE is about?

We are a free coupons website. This means our team works on delivering new and checked voucher codes (or coupon codes) to users. ILoveBargain team updates information on a daily basis to supply the quests of the website with current information. While customers are browsing our website, they can find coupons for online shopping, BOGO deals, online food coupons, promo codes for free gifts and plenty more of them. We display them on our website for free and customers can use such coupons to obtain savings on their online purchases.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to help you to get any good for a lesser price or provide you with a complimentary gift or free shipping. As the modern market is overloaded with products, many of which are pretty much the same, we want to help you get the best bargain possible.

How to use the service?

Using ILoveBargain is easy and fun. We provide users with free online coupons and online shopping deals. Due to the user-friendly design and easy navigation you get anything you need fast and problem-free. The newest coupon codes are displayed on the main page. Use the “Search” option to find the online store you need or shop by category. Also, we have the “Sales” dedicated webpage and season’s specials. And in case, if something is unclear, feel free to drop us a message.

Intellectual Property Rights

ILoveBargain owns all Intellectual Property Rights for the displayed content and data. All know-how, texts, trademarks, trade names, meta-data or inventions are also copyright protected. In case you have questions concerning Copyright Infringement, we ask you to reach ILoveBargain team so that we correct all the information due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

User obligations
As a website user, you undertake to:
1. Not to display the information aimed to insult and/or harm other customers.
2. Not to publish personal information or data of the third party without their permission. Not to publish referral links or spam.
3. Not to use automatic data collection tools, as parsers and similar ones.

If you noticed any of these violations, please, contact the website administration: asia@ilovebargain.net